Cosmetic Dermatology

Subtle Lip enhancement with adequate filler regarding its viscosity and plasticity is Dr Kacem’s main goal for lips are a very dynamic area that needs to remain supple and natural.
Dr Kacem injects lips with fillers since 2002.
Most patients are incredulous to feel minimal pain without dental block thanks to the technique he developed over years.
Bruises and swelling are strictly minimal if well premeditated.
Perfect knowledge of Lip proportions, anatomy, their harmony with the rest of the face is key to the aesthetic desirable result.
Lips are rolled out showing more red and maximum fullness, avoiding projection, lips can also be defined and shaped by highlighting the vermilion border.
Lips enhancement is always gradual, less is more, droplet technique is a must.
Results last from 3 to 8 months.
Dr Kacem utilizes high safety and quality brands such as Restylane Silk, Teosyal RH2 or Juvederm Ultra XC, all resorbable hyaluronic acid fillers.
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Global Approach to Minimally Invasive Facial Aesthetics
Meticulous face assessment according to gender, – age, – race, – medical history, – previous facial injections, – patient wishes and – face shape: this step is mandatory!
-2-  Skin assessment because the skin has to be addressed first for any cosmetic or age maintenance purposes. The goal is to restore a healthy skin, a skin that is smooth, hydrated, tight/firm, even in color, resistant and free from any diseases, therefore we use  Science-based Skin Health Restoration and care Protocols Cleansing, Exfoliating, Controlling oil, Restoring barrier function, Repairing DNA Damage, Stimulating and putting Skin Cells back to work as well as Skin Tightening with medical treatments according to Skin Type and Skin Needs.
-3-  Subtle Volume Replacement and Restoration (Not Volume Augmentation) with Hyaluronic Acid Facial Fillers if cheekbones, cheeks, and lips have lost their curves and roundness using Soft Lift Allergan, The 8 point lift and “MD Codes” technique as well as Phi Ratio proportions!
-4-  Attenuation or Suppression of negative expressions and emotions reflecting anger, fatigue, and sadness with Subtle Micro Botox Injections targeting Depressor Muscles.
-5- Ultherapy Ultrasounds as well as the Radio frequency to correct Skin sagging and muscles flaccidity.
-6-  Tissues re-positioning in certain cases thanks to Silhouette Soft Thread Lift when we notice sagging contours affecting jaws and Oval.

How do we make the difference?
Dr Kacem, Paris and London-based Cosmetic Doctor since 2002, emphasizes meticulous Face Assessment and Beauty measurement according to Phi ratio to balance Facial Proportions and restore Harmony.
“We Aim to Balance Facial Proportions and enhance Harmony of curves and volumes as well as restore a healthy skin hence smooth, glowing and radiant skin, to unlock attractiveness potential, using very subtle, little and precise facial fillers as well as tiny micro Botox injections” Dr Kacem.
To determine the most appropriate treatment approach it is essential to have a particular Artistic Sense as well as a Unique Eye for Beauty and Aestheticism along with good experience in facial injectables.
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Skin Health and Care
Any medical or surgical aesthetic and cosmetic treatment must necessarily first and overall address skin.
Most of creams and skin products at disposal in store departments are not efficacious because they are bought randomly and blindly by patients without knowing their skin types and their skin needs!
Skin type is crucial, it leads to the appropriate treatment.
Our Skin treatments are based on a proper assessment of each patient to determine skin type and needs. The goal is to recover a youthful appearance as well as optimal function.
Book your Skin care consultation, learn more about your Skin type and needs and get your proper skin care prescription.

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift
Silhouette Soft Thread Lift London is achieved in an hour with Silhouette Soft resorbable Threads that melt away after 6 to 9 months leaving after their resorption a solid Neo Collagenesis which maintains the treated area lifted for years.
Thread Lift is a good indication as far as there is no Loss Volume issue which must be addressed with Filler.
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best thread lift silhouette soft london

Cryolipolysis Coolsculpting
Coolsculpting is the ultimate procedure that revolutionizes the reduction of moderate fat deposits. Cryolipolysis destroys fat cells with cold. Result is final and stable 3 months after the procedure. No special precaution except a low saturated fat diet allowing faster evacuation of the destroyed fat cells.
No downtime.
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Phototherapy Cold Light
Refresh and regenerate naturally your skin with cold Light!
Phototherapy or LED light is a medical device used in non-invasive treatments, it is non-thermal and 100% natural.
The light waves emitted by LED are selected for their bio stimulating properties.
This is a dermal repair procedure by restarting the cellular metabolism.

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Did you know?

Breast Augmentation with Fat London
Soft and Gentle Breast Augmentation with your own Fat Injections using water jet assisted liposuction to softly harvest fat and then graft it thanks to WAL technology, in London, Paris, Brussels, Zurich and Munich.

Our Breast enlargement with fat is minimally invasive, no skin cutting, no scars, no hospital overnight stay, no General Anesthesia.
Furthermore recovery is rapid and results are permanent and natural.
Contrary to Breast Implants where you have skin cutting, scars, general anesthesia, hospital overnight stay and long recovery.
Not to mention the unnatural look due to implants wherever the later are placed and their replacement every 5 or 10 years.
In addition, we perform the New and Innovative Stem Cell Fat injections to Breast which reinforces quality and success of fat grafting and makes our Breast Enlargement with fat injections of high performance.
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Hair Loss 
Hair regeneration is the latest, non surgical and best option in hair Loss and hair thinning treatment.
It is based on Wound healing technology and is non surgical.
Only a single session is required with sustainable results up to 5 years.
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Preventative Aesthetic Medicine
Dr Kacem is pioneer in Preventative Aesthetic Medicine which indeed if started at the very right time prevents Structural Ageing from taking place.
Learn how to effectively maintain age and start acting today!
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