Automated Hair Transplant

Automated Hair Transplant London
FUE Automated Hair Transplant London, UK, has revolutionised hair transplantation in 2012 and has dethroned the traditional Non-Surgical FUE Hair Transplant, Dr Kacem, Non-Surgical Hair Restoration expert, explains.

Minimally invasive and extremely rapid Automated Hair transplant is, in fact, an Automated FUE Hair Transplantation thanks to the use of a revolutionary device supporting hair extraction and implantation; Hair Punch Matic SAFER.

Indeed Automated FUE Hair transplant SAFER is a hair Transplantation without surgery, so there is no strip surgery in the donor area that leaves a very unsightly scar, which requires a long period of recovery due to constant severe oedema.

Non-Surgical Automated FUE Hair transplant London uses Hair Punch Matic SAFER a revolutionary device designed by MEDICAMAT, allowing hair transplant;

Without pain,
Without Suture,
Very rapid,
Up to 3000 hair per session,
Graft size ranges from 0.8 to 1 mm only,
Therefore No visible scar 10 days after the transplant,

In addition, and for these reasons:

Automated Fue Hair transplant London presents the best value of all Hair transplant techniques to date.

Automated Fue Hair transplant cost and price London, UK
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