Active Cosmetology

IActive Cosmetology Londonn terms of Aesthetic Dermatology and Active Cosmetology, Dr Kacem, Skin Specialist, recommends first and foremost:

-1- know your skin type by consulting a specialist or documenting.
Because of the knowledge of skin type everything else flows.

-2- Then, you must Wash your face 2 times a day with a product corresponding to your skin type.

-3- Sebum control. This is important, Sebum provides inflammation.

-4- Exfoliate your skin as often as possible mechanically or by using lotions containing low dose of glycolic acid, up to 10%, and Ascorbic Acid, available to public.-5- Apply Active Vitmine A, twice a week: Active Vitamin A fights formation of wrinkles especially around eyes, opposes genesis of acne, and exerts lightening effect on skin.
Of note, Active Vitamin A is available only on prescription.

-6- Apply Active Vitamin C: daily, vitamin C stimulates formation of neo collagen, stimulates immune system and hydates skin.

-7- Finally always have a good sun block which usage must be renewed every 2 hours when exposed to sunlight.