Aesthetic Injectables Training

Aesthetic Injectables Training | Advanced Botox and Fillers | London | UK | Internationally

Dr Kacem offers a one-to-one Training in Aesthetic Injectables with facial fillers and Botox.
He teaches precious tips and insights gained over his 14 years of exclusive practice in this field to any cosmetic practitioner willing to advance their learning, improve their skills as well as to those debuting in the field.

Beyond the learning of anatomy and the different injection techniques, the fact remains that the understanding and the perception of beauty and ageing, the artistic eye and touch remain very Complicated to assimilate unless you have a very good trainer who delivers this information and teaches them well and saves you so precious time.

Dr Kacem injects fillers and botox since 2002. He opened his first clinic dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine in Paris in the same year.
He can help you to save time learning.

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