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Forehead lines are due to the activity of the forehead muscle called the Frontalis and are ideally treated with scholarly Soft Botox injections.
This frontalis muscle must be injected very carefully in order to lift the Eyebrows while softening the Forehead lines at the same time.
Soft Botox treatment is a must here and experience is key.

This forehead muscle is the unique levator muscle of the eyebrows.
This frontalis muscle is the dilator mechanism of the eyes as well as the unique lift mechanism of the eyebrows.
That is why it is vital to preserve the functionality of this muscle to avoid drooping eyebrows which are opposite to our goal.
This will require special knowledge and meticulous injections of this frontalis muscle.

I always tell my patients that it is essential to maintain aesthetically eyebrows height or to raise and Lift eyebrows if they are low at the expense of a few forehead lines.

I always inject forehead lines with very little doses into well-targeted points based on anatomy and the expression of each.
Dr Kacem injects Botox since 2002.

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