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Botox Eyebrow Lift London can be obtained if Botox is injected properly and with very tiny doses targeting the muscle of the forehead, the Frontalis muscle.

Botox Lips allows lifting lip corners by injecting the DAO muscle and helps erase the vertical Lip lines.
Botox Eye Lift achieves a non-surgical Eye Lift by opening the corners of the eyes.

Botox Jawline helps define the contours of the jaws and prevent the formation of the jowls.
Finally, Botox Neck Lift helps to smooth the platysma bands and prevent their formation.


Botox Forehead Lift, London

Paradoxically, it is by injecting very little and carefully the forehead muscle or frontalis muscle, the Unique forehead lifter mechanism of the upper face while injecting properly Corrugators and Procerus which are the depressors muscles of brows opposing the lifting mechanism of the forehead muscle, that we will achieve a Forehead Lift with Botox injections.

I highly recommend Baby Botox to maintain maximum expression, to have a very natural look while injecting Forehead, even if it is sometimes done at the expense of some horizontal forehead wrinkles attenuated though visible.

Botox Eyebrow Lift, London

We can achieve a Brow lift of few millimetres, which is more than enough, as well as creating an Arch at its middle third.
This is very difficult to achieve in practice, we have to analyse the position of eyebrow, form and dynamic expression.
Injection should be under the eyebrow to the place where the patient wishes to obtain the slope of the outer third.
However esthetically, brow must arch at a point corresponding to a line passing by pupil and ala of nose.

Botox Eyebrow Lift London is obtained Meanwhile, quite easily, by appropriately weakening the Orbicularis oculi (Orbicular muscle of the eye) in its external part.
Note that we can also use fillers injections in addition to Botox to achieve a nice and natural Botox Eyebrow Lift London.

Botox Corner Lip Lift and Lip Lines Treatment, London

Botox can significantly raise lip corners (lateral commissure).
Indeed, lip corners are constantly pulled down during certain expressions unfortunately quite common, by a muscle located at the corner of each lip, depressor anguli oris muscle, DAO, or depressor of the angle of the mouth.
Here again, the injection is very delicate and one must know perfectly the anatomy of the face to avoid injecting neighbouring muscles.

Lip lines also called smoker lines of the white lip can also be smoothened with very well-targeted Botox injections.

Botox Jawline Lift or Nefertiti Lift, London

Botox injections of Platysma muscle in very specific spots in the lower face and the facial contours, on both sides of the mandible help maintain or regain crisp, sleek contours of the lower face and its oval, like the very beautiful face oval of Nefertiti, Egyptian Queen, canon of female beauty to this day.

Botox Neck Lift, London

The muscle fibres of the neck muscle, the platysma, gather, aggregate and form Bands called Platysma Bands, very unsightly.
Botox injections are the only treatment of this phenomenon, Platysma Bands, affecting the neck and often betraying the person’s age.
Thus, injected early in the neck area, we can effectively prevent if not delay of several years Platysma Bands, essential characteristic of Neck Ageing.

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Botox How much, Cost, Average Prices, London, Harley St

£250 – £400

These are average prices and are subject to individual requirement and promotion.
You will be made fully aware of the total cost following your free consultation.

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