Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast injections price, cost, London, Abroad, Brussels | Fat Transfer.

Breast injections how much, cost, prices, London, Marylebone and abroad in Brussels.
All fat transfer breast prices and cost.

London UK                                                      from 5000 sterling.

Paris France                                                    from 3200 euros.

Brussels Belgium                                           from 2500 euros.

Munich Germany                                           from 2500 euros.

Zürich Switzerland                                        from 3000 CHF.


Fat transfer Breast in London and Abroad in Brussels, with your own fat
. without skin cutting.
. without scars.
. without Hospital overnight stay.
. without General Anesthesia.

We offer Stem Cells Fat Transfer Breast injections procedures in all our clinics:
London UK
Paris France
Brussels Belgium
Zürich Switzerland

Your first consultation takes place in London or Paris with my fellow French board certified plastic surgeon.


Breast injections how much, cost, price London, Harley St,