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Belkyra, Doha, Muscat

Belkyra | Cellfina | Doha | Muscat | Double Chin Removal | Cellulite Dimples Treatment | 

Belkyra is the one and only Double Chin Fat Removal treatment with fat dissolving injections cleared by the FDA!

What is Belkyra?

Belkyra is composed of sodium deoxycholate which is naturally synthesised by the liver and excreted by bile in order to facilitate elimination of fat in the intestine.

How does Belkyra work?

Belkyra destroys fat cells especially in the chin and improves the appearance of the double chin but any localised stubborn fat resistant to a good diet and regular physical exercise can be a good indication.

How many sessions do I need?

Double chin fat removal/reduction is the best indication of Belkyra.
Treatment is carried out by multiple injections.
The treatment is not painful.
1 to 4 sessions spaced by 4 to 6 weeks may be required.

What adverse effects can I expect after Belkyra treatment?

Palpation pain,
Are very common during 03 days.

Why your Belkyra treatment with us?

Dr Kacem is a pioneer in fat removal, fat dissolving injections and Lipodissolve treatments in Paris formerly with Lipostabyl since 2006, the ancestor of Belkyra, then today with Belkyra and Aqualyx as well as with Cellfina.

He has more than 10 years in Fat Dissolving Injections and laser Fat Removal.

Belkyra, cost and prices, Doha, Muscat.

From $1000

These are average prices and are subject to individual requirement and promotion.
You will be made fully aware of the total cost following your free consultation.

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Cellfina, Doha, Muscat

Cellfina | Doha | Muscat | The One and Only Cellulite Dimples Removal/Treatment Approved by FDA and EU |

Cellfina™ is the latest, Proven and Patented Cellulite Dimples Treatment and Removal with both FDA and EU clearance!
Cellfina London reviews show a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Cellfina helps smooth away cellulite dimples for long-lasting results by treating the primary structural cause of cellulite hence the connective bands are woven perpendicularly throughout fat in thighs and buttocks pulling down skin, creating the puckering you see on the skin surface.
Similar to a rubber band under tension, once released, the treated skin bounces back to smooth itself out.

Cellfina™ System is minimally invasive and clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least three years.

How does Cellfina work?

Cellulite Dimple, Orange Peel, Reduction and Removal with Cellfina involves the use of the small needle-sized device to treat the cellulite-causing bands just beneath the surface of the skin, there is no incision, no cutting, and no scar.

Cellfina London is a treatment of Cellulite in its fibrous component.
The treatment makes it possible to release the perpendicular anchorage of the connective fibres in the skin responsible for the unsightly upholstered appearance!
The treatment, however, does not allow a significant loss of Fat.

How long does Cellfina treatment take?

Cellfina treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and takes 45 minutes to 1h30 depending on how many dimples to treat.
No downtime.
Patients describe some bearable pain during 3 days.
Results can be seen from 3 days after treatment and last at least 3 years.

Are you a good candidate for Cellulite Dimples Reduction/Removal with Cellfina?

You are a good candidate if you are concerned with the Dimple appearance, the Orange Peel aspect, under the skin of your Buttock or Tigh.
Cellfina treatment is not a good indication for you if you would like to ameliorate the shape or the volume by reducing the fat cells, in this case, these treatments are better indicated, CryolipolisisBelkyra and Aqualyx.

What adverse effects can I expect after Cellulite Dimples treatment with Cellfina?

Bruising and swelling can last up to a week. Bruising can rarely last up to a month.
Pain is very bearable.
No downtime is necessary at all.

Cellfina how much, cost and prices, Doha, Muscat

From $1500

$2000                                                                          Less than 20 Dimples.

From $2500                                                               More than 20 Dimples.

Only one treatment is necessary.

Dr Kacem is a pioneer in Lipodissolve treatments in Paris France since 2006, formerly with Lipostabyl Fat Dissolving Injections and Smartlipo Laser Fat Removal, then, with CellfinaAqualyxKybella and Cellulaze.

Cellfina before and after below

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