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Before we detail Best Cellulite Treatment, let’s define Cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a diffused fat, sitting mostly on buttocks, thighs. This diffused fat is always associated with water retention and during its evolution it causes a progressive deformation of surrounding connective fibers resulting in the ultimate stage of Cellulite characterized by visible dimples and/or nodules under skin, which is the clinical translation of a traction exerted on skin and perpendicularly to the latter by rigid and distorted connective fibers.

Stiffening and deformation of the conjunctive frame are directly related to changes in interstitial fluid and fat cells hypertrophy (enlargement of fat cells).
In addition, menstrual cycle, contraceptive treatment and of course bad food habits directly affect the development of cellulite.

In practice, we encounter 3 types of Cellulite
Cellulite predominantly Fatty
Cellulite predominantly Aqueous
Cellulite predominantly Fibrous
But often the 3 components are present and treatment must be adjusted accordingly.

Cellulite Treatment London

“I treat Cellulite since 2002, I have utilized and tried all treatments, injectables, liposuction, several devices, and options and will solely focus on what really works bearing in mind Cellulite will never totally disappear and will always come back if circumstances are favourable again” Dr Kacem

-1- Aqualyx, Fat dissolving injections, London

Is one of the best Cellulite Treatment if Cellulite is predominantly Fatty.
Aqualyx is the latest product FDA-cleared for cellulite treatment, hence 100% safe and efficient.
Aqualyx directly melts fat cell releasing their content which is then eliminated by the body via the lymphatic system.
Aqualyx will be injected in a Mesotherapy fashion allowing to cover all the desired area at the desired depth.

The choice of Aqualyx and Mesotherapy in Cellulite treatment are the key leading to satisfactory results.
Injection technique is simple, rarely painful, using very fine needles covering the entire area to be treated.
Experience and hindsight here play a key role as injection depth is crucial!

A mixture of two or three products was necessary in the past in order to target the different components of cellulite, water, fat, and fibres according to the type and stage of cellulite.
The mixture had to be lipolytic if cellulite is predominantly fat, diuretic if it is aqueous and targeting the stiffened and redesigned connective tissue if cellulite is fibrous.

For a long time, I injected different kinds of products but without any results.
Today we have 3 options each one designed to treat each stage and type of Cellulite.

Aqualyx is active in the fat component of Cellulite whereas Cellfina is active on the fibrous one.
If fat is predominant then Aqualyx is the treatment of choice.
If Cellulite shows more dimples and fibrous aspect then Cellfina will be the best choice.
Water retention that accompanies Cellulite always needs to be addressed separately with proper oral and injectable treatment.

Aqualyx injected in Mesotherapy fashion combined with oral treatment is the best treatment today to Get Rid of Cellulite with a predominance of fat.

Several sessions may be required.
Bruises may occur and persist for several days.
Results are very satisfactory.
No downtime.
Cellulite is reduced significantly, but it never disappears completely in certain areas.

-2- Cellfina, Cellulite treatment of the Dimples, London

Cellfina is a minimally invasive Anti Cellulite treatment if Cellulite is predominantly fibrous presenting unsightly dimples.
Cellfina is the treatment of excellence of the Dimples!
It requires a Cellfina machine.
No downtime.
Some bearable pain can last about a week at the treated area.
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-3- Cryolipolysis, Fat freezing, London

Cryolipolysis with Coolsculpting Zeltiq destroys 35% or more with Cold, permanently and in 1 single session.
No downtime
Some bearable pain can last about a week at the treated area.
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-4- Cellulaze, Laser fat removal

The laser is used in this case to heat and to melt down Fat cells.
Downtime is required.
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-5- Oral Cellulite Treatment

In addition to Aqualyx, Cellulite requires an oral treatment targeting water, veins and balancing estrogen and progesterone.
This oral treatment is mandatory to balance hormones, control and efficaciously eliminate water retention and reinforce vein system.

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