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We treat cellulite since 2002, in Paris, London, and internationally!
Before we detail the Best Cellulite Treatments, let’s define Cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a diffused fat, sitting mostly on buttocks and thighs.
This diffused fat is always associated with water retention and during its evolution causes a progressive deformation of surrounding connective fibers resulting in the ultimate stage of Cellulite characterized by visible dimples and/or nodules under the skin, which is the clinical translation of a traction exerted on the skin and perpendicularly to the latter by rigid and distorted connective fibers.

Stiffening and deformation of the conjunctive frame are directly related to the enlargement of fat cells and the changes in the interstitial fluid surrounding the fat cells.
In addition, the menstrual cycle, contraceptive treatment and of course bad food habits directly affect the development of cellulite.

In practice, we encounter 3 types of Cellulite
Cellulite predominantly Fatty
Cellulite predominantly Aqueous
Cellulite predominantly Fibrous
But often the 3 components are present and treatment must be adjusted accordingly.

Cellulite Treatment

“I treat Cellulite since 2002, I have utilized and tried all treatments, injectables, liposuction, several devices, and options and will solely focus on what really works bearing in mind Cellulite will never totally disappear and will always come back if circumstances are favorable again” Dr Kacem

-1- Fat dissolving injections | Lipodissolve 

Lipodissolve injections help get rid of unwanted stubborn fat in the double chin, Hips, thighs, love handles, belly, banana under buttocks, etc…

We can greatly reduce this unsightly fat as is so that all dietary measures together with physical activity have yielded no satisfactory result.

-2- Cellfina, Cellulite Dimples treatment

Cellfina is the one and only cellulite dimples treatment with both FDA and CE clearance!
It is 100% safe with very satisfactory results lasting up to 3 years.

Cellfina is a minimally invasive Anti Cellulite treatment if Cellulite is predominantly fibrous presenting unsightly dimples.
Cellfina is the treatment of excellence of the Dimples!

No downtime.
Bruising can last up to 1 week.
Some bearable pain can last about a week in the treated area.
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-3- Cryolipolysis, Fat freezing, London, Paris

Cryolipolysis with Coolsculpting Zeltiq destroys 35% or more with Cold, permanently and in 1 single session.
No downtime
Some bearable pain can last about a week in the treated area.
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-4- Cellulaze, Laser fat removal, London, Paris

Cellulaze laser fat removal is used in this case to heat and to melt down Fat cells.
Downtime is required.
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-5- Oral Cellulite Treatment, London, Paris

In addition to Aqualyx, Cellulite requires an oral treatment targeting water, veins and balancing estrogen and progesterone.
This oral treatment is mandatory to balance hormones, control and efficaciously eliminate water retention and reinforce vein system.