cheek fillers natural lasting london uk

Cheek Fillers and cheekbones fillers injections are in the heart of any Beautification or rejuvenation approach.
A particularly developed eye for beauty and aestheticism is key to reach divine proportions and harmony to unlock each patient attractiveness potential.

The 8 point Face lift technique is my preferred approach! The Phi Ratio is my permanent guide!
Indeed it allows me to achieve very natural and aesthetics outcomes.” Dr Kacem

Treatment takes 30 minutes
Totally Painless, no bruises, no swelling.
Instant amazing face lift without any downtime!
We utilize Teosyal Ultra deep or Juvederm voluma.

Cheek fillers Average cost and prices London Essex UK £250 – £350 per injected syringe
1 up to 4 syringes are necessary.

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