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Fue Hair Transplant, Ultrafine, tailored and highly accurate, where each follicular unit is extracted one by one, carefully, gently, thanks to a micro-punch that leaves no visible trace on the scalp from the donor area.
The latter being represented by the hypo cratique crown where hair never fall.

In our private French clinic in London, Harley St.

The latter being represented by the hypo cratique crown where hair never fall.

Each extracted follicular unit contains from 1 to 4 hairs, is then implanted in the recipient area of the patient using a revolutionary implanter called implanter Choi.

The Implanter Choi makes possible a precise hair transplant, follicular unit by follicular unit, without trauma and leaves no visible scar.

The implanter Choi, thanks to its rotary and cylindrical system allows on one hand to create the implantation site and being provided with a thrust needle by a piston permits on the other hand and at the same time the follicular unit grafting.

The technical movement must be accompanied by an experienced and artistic sense, following the angle and orientation of each follicular unit during the transplant, which certainly gives the hair transplant we offer a simple natural look.

This double action of the implanter Choi and our mastery of its use, you will understand, allows us to offer you a  Soft Hair implant, with no surgery, no scar, highly accurate, handmade, follicular unit by follicular unit, guaranteeing a maximum of hair restoration of the recipient area and a natural result.

Follicular unit with 1-2 hair will be used to redesign the front line.
Follicular units with 2 to 4 hairs are implanted in the rest of the donor area.

Dr Kacem stresses the difference between a hair and a follicular unit that often leads to confusion in the mind of the reader and candidate for a hair transplant, in the sense that a follicular unit can be comprised of 1 to 4 hairs.

Follicular units are extracted and implanted, while we talk about the number of hair that has been implanted.

Hair transplant we offer is a Fue Hair Transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction), highly accurate, customized, without any incision or scar in your scalp, with maximum density and a natural result.

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