Lip Lift

 Lip Lift london

Lip Lift London | with 1 ml Juvederm Lip fillers and Baby Botox

Botox for lip lift London

Botox can significantly achieve lip lift if well placed.
Indeed, lip corners are constantly pulled down during certain expressions, unfortunately quite common, by 2 muscles, first, one located at the corner of each lip: depressor anguli oris muscle or DAO, and the second one is the neck muscle that inserts on the lower face: Platysma muscle. These 2 muscles need to be treated with precise and well-targeted Baby Botox injections.
“Here again, the injection is very delicate and proper knowledge of the anatomy of the face is mandatory to avoid injecting neighbouring muscles in order to achieve proper Lip lift”, Dr Kacem, explains.

1 ml Juvederm Lip fillers injections

well placed at the right depth in very specific areas in lip corners, Naso labial folds and below lower lip will result in spectacular corner lip lift.
We recommend a combination of Baby Botox and 1 ml Lip fillers to achieve proper and complete Lip lift.
These 2 treatments are complementary.

Lip Lift London cost and prices

£250 – £400