Nano Fat Injections

Nano, Micro, fat injections, London, Paris

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Nano Fat Injections are The Revolution in Skin Rejuvenation and Regeneration!
The Regenerative Medicine, Exclusively in Marylebone London, Harley St and Paris!

Nano fat/Micro fat injections are the future in terms of skin regeneration and revitalization.

Fat according to the most recent research contains 2000 times more stem cells than in the blood platelets!
Hence, Nano Fat injections are far more efficacious than the PRP.

Fat is aspirated from any donor site of the body with a 20 cc syringe then without any centrifugation, this fat is simply injected into the dermis or under the dermis with a syringe and a very fine needle as would be a hyaluronic acid filler.

This is the heart of the principle of the Skin Regeneration also know as the revolutionary  Regenerative Medicine.