Macrolane, Hyacorp

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Macrolane, Hyacorp! BBL, Butt Lift! Buttock injections with fillers, reshaping, volume enhancement/augmentation of the buttocks! If fat is not sufficient for fat transfer lipofilling or if individual preference.

15 years of experience.
We offer buttock injections of Macrolane or Hyacorp in London, Brussels, Geneva, and Istambul.

Macrolane, Hyacorp | What is it?

It is a highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler with a high volumizing power designed to reshape and/or increase the volume of the buttocks.

Macrolane, Hyacorp Buttock injections | How does it work?

The buttock filler injection procedure is performed under local anesthesia, Macrolane or Hyacorp is injected under the skin of the buttocks at a specific depth using a cannula introduced through skin openings of 2 mm in diameter that do not require incision or suture and that does not scar.

Macrolane, Hyacorp, are you a good candidate?

You are a good candidate if you want a more curvy and youthful buttock and you do not have enough fat to achieve lipofilling or for personal choice and preference.

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