Preventative Aesthetic Medicine

Preventative Aesthetic Medicine London, UK

Preventative Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine | State of the Art | Dr Kacem Paris, London, Harley St

Preventive Aesthetic Medicine London, UK, is the new aesthetic medicine, Aesthetic Medicine of prevention and maintenance, that goes beyond the correction and treatment of imperfections affecting face and silhouette.
Preventive Aesthetic Medicine should not pretend to book a class of persons whose image is very important especially for professional reasons but anyone wishing to preserve their beauty and youth before installation of first visible signs of ageing.

With the most serious and relevant work and research in the field of ageing of the face, most of all those of the School of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery of Paris, France, headed by Dr Claude Le Louarn, a visionary Plastic Surgeon, himself a disciple of Professor Paul Tessier, unique and undisputed father of modern Cranial Facial Surgery.

We know perfectly well and better than ever, how to face ages, the predominant role of muscles of facial expression in the structural facial ageing and how gravity acts secondarily, exacerbating the latter, contrary to previous beliefs that were based on, wrongly, all medical and surgical treatments of the face.

Furthermore, we know today the key role of facial fat loss in ageing and its exact compartmentalization.
This has an extraordinary and revolutionary impact on our approach and treatment of facial ageing.

Preventive aesthetic medicine is now possible thanks to our better understanding of facial ageing, in the light of these recent discoveries, which led to new medical, cosmetic and preventive approach, delaying structural facial ageing by preventing the latter to take roots, hence to keep a youthful appearance longer.

To Prevent Ageing, Maintain Age, Correct any imperfections, without resorting to surgery.
Prevention is now the key whether in Facial Rejuvenation or to fight Ageing.

Prevention is always possible, though the earlier the better.

What do we do to prevent ageing?

– 1 – We relax facial depressor muscles

These muscles, on one hand, pull down brows, eye corners, mouth corners, lower face, the tip of the nose causing negative emotions, on the other hand, they create folds mainly Tear troughs and Marionettes fold responsible for early ageing of eye and mouth.

– 2 – We give support to key areas

Mainly Periorbital and Perioral areas that are the first to age, hence, any sign of slight facial fat loss is replaced to keep proportions and harmony of eye and mouth.

– 3 – We never let skin sleep

Indeed skin starts declining around 30.
Therefore all secretions diminish most of all production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
We keep skin at work by stimulating its deep layer, i.e, the reticular dermis, utilizing appropriate skin health protocols to maintain tone, density, radiance and hydration.

Prevention is key!

From 30 years (could be around 25),  while the structural ageing takes its brands shyly but firmly, microinjections of Botox, cleverly made to key areas of the face will at this stage, fundamentally prevent structural ageing to take roots.
This is the key to prevention.
Candidate of Facial Rejuvenation through prevention of structural ageing may maintain beauty and youth until 65-70 years without resorting to surgery.
Note that at this stage the results are not very visible since they first aim to prevent or delay the structural ageing to take root.
it goes without saying that only the prevention of structural ageing is discussed here.

Treatment will equally target skin, muscles and facial volumes.

– 1 – Skin health will be maintained or restored with dramatic protocols comprising chemical peels and appropriate medical creams as well as sometimes adequate lasers.

– 2 – Muscles will be expertly treated by injection of botulinum toxin as we said to prevent structural ageing to take place.
– 3 – Loss of volumes will be carefully replaced without excess and to the possible extent, taking into account Divine proportion and Skin tone to avoid indeed unsightly and unnatural results.
We always opt for under correction and less is more, utilizing Baby Botox and Baby Fillers to avoid the artificial and frozen face.

The ultimate goal is to maintain facial freshness and harmony and to preserve roundness of cheekbones and cheeks and purity of contours.

Cosmetic Medicine has greatly evolved over the past 10 years!

Some acts become indispensable today were unimaginable 5 years ago.
Two axes Botox Injections to precise muscular points, called the Age Marker Fascicules, AMF, as Superior Malar beam of Orbicular Oculi or Pars Superior Orbicularis Oculi Malaris, allows the reduction of muscular resting tone preventing the onset and development of folds and grooves incarnate paramedian structural ageing such as Sunken Circles, Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines.Hyaluronic Acid Fillers of latest generation such as Teosyal RHA Resilient Hyaluronic Acids combining ideally, on one hand, plasticity, elasticity, cohesivity, and on the other perfectly adopting the structure and dynamic areas in which they are injected!
These meticulous, scholarly and functional Botox injections combined with a delicate filling of folds with RHA Hyaluronic acid Injections refine the results.