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What is Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a sclerosing agent into a varicose vein to suppress it.
We use a syringe with a very fine needle of 30g to inject a specific product inside the vein.

Once sclerosed the varicose veins disappear.
It may persist for a few days in the form of an indurated fibrous cord beneath the skin before disappearing.

Sclerotherapy is performed in several sessions, spaced one or two weeks until a satisfactory aesthetic result is obtained.

Sclerotherapy is not painful
Some blues are possible persisting a few days

Thread vein

A Thread vein is a dilated and often tortuous vein of the superficial vein network.
The valves of the thread veins no longer function and leak, while in the standing position, the blood flows back down the leg instead of rising towards the heart.
A Thread vein may present different sizes, it is fine and visible when it is surfaced and becomes more widened when it is deep.


Varicose or Telangiectasias are small, very fine, red, purplish or blue vessels visible beneath the skin, present mainly on the legs but also on the face and the body.

Laser Varicose and Thread Veins Removal London, Harley St

How to reduce Face and leg Varicose and thread Veins with our latest and proper Medical Vascular Laser in Marylebone London!

We have 15 years of experience of vascular medical laser treatment in Paris and London.

The varicose on the face and legs are very well treated with the proper vascular laser when they are very superficial.
Many sessions can be required.
It’s pain-free.
No downtime.

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