Skin Rejuvenation

Skin treatments targeting skin, epidermis and dermis

Skin Peel Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and TCA  £70
Micro needling  £80
Skin Boosters  £150
Retin A mask  £50
Vitamin C facial powder  £50
LED Phototherapy  £150


Recent contribution of innovative technologies such as Ultherapy which literally allows Ultra Facelift without surgery thanks to Ultra Focused Ultrasound causing retraction in depth of the skin and muscles as would a surgical Facelift which may be delayed several years or becomes simply unthinkable.

Ultherapy can be combined to Volume Restoration and Thread Lift if there is respectively Volume Loss issue or Sagging issue.

Fraxel Fractional CO2 Laser allows a gentle and progresive Anti Wrinkle treatment by abrasion of the surface of the skin smoothing the wrinkles especially around eye and mouth and giving a glow.

Note that the Non Surgical Facelift Volume Restoration, Thread lift Silhouette Soft, Soft Lift and Ultherapy Ultra Lift are naturally indicated when the sagging of the face is moderate, if ageing is important these Non Surgical Facelifts must be combined according to facial assessement in order to have the best outcome.
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