Dark Circles

Dark Circles under Eyes London, UK, How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Permanently!

Dark Circles are mainly due to peri orbital fat melting (SOOF) which shows underlying muscle (Orbicularis Oculi muscle).
Secondary, tear through ligament creates the tear trough groove exaggerating shadow under the eye.

Get rid of Dark Circles under eyes with Fillers

At an early stage, treatment consists of a hyaluronic acid filling of very low abundance, in depth, underneath orbicularis muscle against the periosteum.

I utilise a 32G cannula or needle.

Needle usage is more flexible, easy and precise but bruises are possible.
The cannula is less precise and more difficult to go under the muscle, it is preferred as trauma and bruises are rare.

I inject a hyaluronic acid of the latest generation, my preference goes evidently to Restylane or Teosyal Redensity 2.

Get rid of Dark Circles under eyes with Fat Lipostructure

If Dark Circles are very marked, I recommend lipo structure if the patient agrees and can afford a few days of downtime.
Liposculpture of Sunken Circles is to fill the hollow with fat taken from the patient.

Prevention of Dark Circles under eyes

But the treatment of Debuting Dark Circles is essentially in prevention.
The prevention starts early around the age of 30 when the repeated contractions of the upper beam of the malar orbicularis muscle of the eye, the pars superioris orbicularis malaris oculi, chasing the underlying fat are beginning to result in a visible hollow.

At this point injections of Botox (botulinum toxin) expertly administered in very specific points an interesting therapeutic approach.

Dark Circles under eyes treatment cost price London

From £300Dark Cercles under eyes london