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If overweight is global, its origin and mechanism should be identified and treated.
This fat is deep, it is Metabolic.

It is the result of a metabolic disorder, usually of pancreatic origin.
The approach is simple, it involves an overview of the body (Pancreas, Ovary, Thyroid, Testis) and mind (OCD), the only guarantee of lasting weight loss.

Sustainable Weight loss and diets

Unlike the displayed trend, supported by a flowering of books and magazines, you should be wary of drastic and unwanted plans.
These schemes are a source of the yo-yo, they relate only to the short-term and lead to the opposite of the desired effect.

Today Advanced Consensus strongly recommend a simple dietary, based on the timeline, the glycemic index and the quality of the food ingested.

But food is individual, each person is a case.
Our experience in the practice of nutrition and Weight management for more than 10 years, in Paris, has shown us there is no Standard Plan effective and valid for all.

We Can Help anyone who wants to Lose Weight in a sustainable way.

The human brain can only function by metabolizing glucose.
This is why there is in the body reserves of sugar (Glucose) in the liver and muscles, in the form of Glucogen, readily available, in order to urgently manage a shortage of sugar.

That’s why, too, because nature is well made, fat can also turn into sugar in case of prolonged shortage and after the sugar reserves dry up.

The weight shock

It is to create this shortage of sugar, in order to push the body to the escape routes, ie, the use of fat as fuel.

It is to my knowledge, and by experience, having advised and accompanied many thousands of patients in their thinning and weight loss, it is indeed the best way to lose weight safely and with the greatest efficiency.

The glucose shortage must be total in order to drive the metabolism to a state of Ketosis.
Once Ketosis is reached, the body consumes all available fatty acids, hence fat.

Note, however, that protein consumption is unavoidable, leading to a relative loss of noble mass. This muscle loss must be well controlled thanks to the dietary advice provided.

Sustainable Weight Loss and hormones

If a body such as a pancreas, thyroid, ovary or testis dysfunction, weight loss cannot be accomplished without correction adapted to the dysfunction that is causing the weight gain and not the diet alone.

This is one of the reasons of the failure of schemes that rely only on Dietetic.
This is a total erroneous vision of Weight Loss!

Sustainable Weight loss and eating disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD, on food intake.
Correction of the compulsive disorder is the key to weight loss here.
An adequate and effective medical treatment exists.
We prescribed these treatments repeatedly with very satisfactory results over 10 years.
These treatments are necessary for sustainable weight loss in this case.

Dr KACEM is former Attached at Hospitals of Paris
Departement of Obesity, Diabetes, Nutrition and Internal Medicine.
He has dedicated the last 12 years of his medical practice, mainly in Paris but also internationally, exclusively to Aesthetic, Plastic and Anti-Aging Medicine, Nutrition and medical care of Overweight.

Weight Loss Bariatric Surgeries

If all the dietetic mesures along with regular exercise and metabolic treatments are not helpful, weight loss surgeries are then fully indicated.
Gastric Balloon
Gastric Band
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Mini Bypass