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ZO Medical, Skin Health, London | UK | According to Skin Type and Needs

ZO Medical London, UK, with Skin health restoration is the base, the first step ever of any medical, surgical or non-surgical cosmetic, aesthetic or anti ageing procedure, treatment or approach.

The skin should and must be addressed first.

Skin Health Restoration is an Optimisation of Skin appearance and function.
In this regard, Skin type is crucial and will guide the treatment.
Our Skin treatments are based on a proper assessment of each patient to determine skin type and needs.
The goal is to recover a youthful appearance as well as optimal function.

Science based and state-of-the-art medical and non-medical skin care designed to restore and maintain skin health for a lifetime as well as to treat and to prevent all skin problems, created by world renowned Dermatologist Dr Obagi who has dedicated 35 years of his life to Dermatology and totally adopted by Dr Kacem.

We aim to act on the skin at the cellular level in order to put cells back to work!
We are not concerned solely by skin surface as most skin care products.

Book your Skincare consultation, learn more about your Skin type and needs and get your proper skin care prescription!

Skin Glow


-Ipl photo rejuvenation

Acne, Acne Scar
Dermatological treatments

Skin Retraction

Skin Abrasion
Fraxel CO2 Laser