Breast Augmentation without Surgery

Breast Augmentation without SurgeryBreast Augmentation without Surgery

Breast Augmentation without Surgery is performed in Düsseldorf (Germany), Prague (Tchec Republic) and Zürich (Switzerland), without General Anesthesia, without Hospitalisation and without Downtime and for the Best Value for Money.

Why Breast Augmentation without Surgery?

General Anesthesia and Hospitatalisation generate important risks that can easily be ovoided proforming this procedure under Local Anasthesia and without Hospitalisation.
In Germany first then in Switzerland and Tchec Republic, a long tradition for minimally invasive treatments in general and minimilly invasive Cosmetic treatments in particular gave a early orientation for Non Surgical Fat Transfer, Non Surgical Breast Augmentation and Non Surgical Liposuction.

I myself was very surprised, being based in Paris, to discover that Breast Augmentation without Surgery was possible, across borders, during an internationnal seminar in Berlin in 2009.
I immediatly adopted this technique of Breast Augmentation without Surgery and without general anesthesia.
I wrote several articles since 2009 in order to bring this to the attention of the general public and in particular to any candidate for Breast Augmentation and Breast Enlargement.
More, given the absence of General Anesthesia, this Breast Augmentation without Surgery by taking a different dimension, indeed it became Non Surgical and therefore no longer required a Hospitatlisation and Immobilisation generating risks.
Finally it possible to reduce Cost of this intervention consistently.

Why Breast Augmentation without Surgery Abroad?Breast Augmentation without Surgery London

For all these reasons mentionned above.
For the best Value for Money!

















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