Non Surgical Facelift Dubai

Dr Kacem Dubai is now a reality, in fact Dr Kacem wishes to make his personal touch to Aesthetic Medicine in Dubai.

Dr Kacem is an Aesthetic Doctor in Paris and London, he exercises this wonderful discipline for 12 years.
His trademark? Artisanal and Artistic Aesthetic Medicine upsetting the standards under which this medicine is unfortunately most often performed!

Dr Kacem has a natural penchant for prevention, is it not easier to prevent?
He made Preventive Aesthetic Medicine his hobby horse!

Non Surgical Facelift

have almost replaced surgical facelift with their long and difficult postoperative periods and unnatural results!
Three facelifts without surgery prance top of the list of non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures in Dubaï:

Non Surgical Facelift by restoring volumes

We are well aware today that ageing is especially marked by the loss of facial volume by fat melting or migration, as well as to a lesser degree by facial bone involution.
Simply filling in areas exposed to this loss of volume with preferably a volumizing hyaluronic acid causes a dramatic rejuvenation! This is usually to restore the lost volumes of the malar region; cheekbone and cheek, the temporal and under brow region. Read +.

Non Surgical Facelift with ultrasound Ultherapy

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