Kybella Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Kybella Abu Dhabi, Dubai; UAE


Kybella, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE | The Ultimate Local Fat and Cellulite Removal

KYBELLA®  is an FDA-approved fat removal injectable treatment.
KYBELLA® destroys fat cells especially in the chin and improves the appearance of the double chin as well as any localized stubborn fat resistant to a good diet and regular physical exercise.

KYBELLA® is composed of sodium deoxycholate which is naturally synthesized by the liver and excreted by bile in order to facilitate the elimination of fat in the intestine.

Treatment is carried out by multiple injections targeting areas to be treated.
1 to 4 sessions spaced by 4 to 6 weeks may be required.

Redness, swelling and palpation pain for up to 3 days are common.

Dr Kacem is a pioneer in Lipodissolve treatments in Paris formerly with Lipostabyl fat dissolving injections since 2006 then with Kybella and Aqualyx as well as with Cellfina cellulite dimples removal.

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