Lip Injections London

lip injections london, dr kacem

Lip Injections include Lip Augmentationlip Lift and Lip Lines correction.
Smile and lips constitute the base of the magical triangle involving cheekbones and eyes, therefore it is one of the most delicate area to treat, Dr Kacem leading Cosmetic Doctor since 2002 in Paris and London, says.

I recommend a Lip beautification and/or Lip rejuvenation, gradually, I always use the most suitable hyaluronic acid, very flexible and plastic and my preference goes for Juvederm Volbella of Allergan or Teosyal Global Action of Teoxane.
Juvederm Volbella lasts at least 12 months in this area yet very mobile and provides a glosse effect accompanied by a very natural result.

The examination of the lips is a prerequisite for any lip injections, lip augmentation, lip lines and lip lLip lines london, dr kacemift, it allows to see at first the length of the upper lip, the dental support of upper lip, the outline and mucosa hydration.

Lip augmentation, Lip lines, Lip lift and Lip Lines will always and exclusively appeal to hyaluronic acid.

This hyaluronic acid will have in this indication a viscoelasticity adapted to this highly mobile area to avoid burdening the lips so as the result is simply natural.levres9
It is always recommended to sculpt or rejuvenate the lips gradually, review the patient and make touch up if necessary.
We can restore the volume lost with age, plump up and curve the lip by injecting into the red lip; wheeas we can redefine the contours by injecting only into the outline.
However it is difficult to increase the volume of a lip which constitution is already very thin! the key is to keep the harmony of the whole face.

The follow-injection lips are sometimes made of swelling for 1-3 days, bruises are also possible, which may persist for 1 week camouflable with makeup.
The result is immediate, constant after 3 days and lasts 4 to 9 months, depending on the case.

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