Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer Breast augmentation is a Breast Enlargement Without Surgery performed under local anesthesia, increasing breast size by injecting its own fat.
Fat Transfer Breast augmentation is by far the most appropriate solution in this regard.
Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is a simple act, ambulatory, outpatient, takes place under local anesthesia through very small incisions in the skin not exceeding 2 mm in width.
Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, London Dr Kacem

Breast augmentation with Fat Transfer occurs with:

No incision.
No sutures.
No scar.
No Hospitalization.
Short down town.

Breast Implants with Fat Transfer by injecting its own fat gives above all permanent result and natural look!

The fat is first removed from the area desired by the patient, correcting a potential aesthetic default of the body.
Most often, hips, abdomen, outer part of the thigh.
But any part of the body is potentially donor.

Fat has the same qualities from any location in the body where it is taken.

This collection of fat is sucked with low pression, assisted by a Water Jet thanks to Body jet technology, under local anesthesia and through fine entry points requiring no suture.
This fat without having undergone any treatment is immediately injected into each breast.
Each breast is well carved, until the desired aesthetic result, of course taking into account the volume of injected fat as well, which can not exceed a certain amount. Such predefined and explained to the patient during the consultation.
Generally 2 cups.

Are you a good candidate of Fat Transfer?
Considering Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation you are a good candidate if you want to add up to 2 cups size to your breast which is 250-300 ml.


Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, London, dr Kacem

The harvest of this fat and its implementation technique into each breast are the key to success of this autologous fat transplantation.

Indeed, if the fat is poorly taken and/or poorly injected into the breast, the grafting will failed.
This represents all the value added by the skill of the operator and his perfect knowledge of this technique.

In Germany, fat cells are washed out from the doner site with a smooth water-jet, ovoiding all physical and thermal traumatisms that would dammage the cells, then, without any treatment or centrifugation, fat cells and of course hugh quantities of stem cells are grafted with a special canula of specific diameter, attention is taken into acount to ovoid grafting too much, allowing the Stem Cells to turn to Blood Cells and help blood supply towards the fat newley grafted which is essential to success of the procedure.

Breast Implants without Surgery procedure lasts about an hour and thirty minutes, the patient leaves the clinic immediatelly after with a restraint that will keep 3 days.

The result is natural and permanent.

fat transfer

Breast Implants Abroad

Fat Transfer Breast augmentation utilising body jet technology can be done abroad with the best quality price.
Breast implants abroad procedures will take place in High standard clinics in the following cities:
Dusseldorf (Germany).
Prague (Tchec Republic).
Zurich (Switzerland).

Fat Transfer Breast augmentation cost, on request.

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