Cellulite treatment London Dr Kacem Cosmetic DoctorCellulite before after Dr Kacem

Cellulite is a diffused fat, sitting mostly on the buttocks, thighs and legs.
This diffused fat is associated with water retention, furthermore during its evolution it causes a progressive deformation of surrounding connective fibers resulting in the famous spontaneously visible Cellulite.

At this stage dimples or nodules become visible under the skin, which is the clinical translation of a traction exerted on the skin and perpendicularly to the latter, by rigid and distorted connective fibers.
This Cellulite spontaneously visible, represents the most advanced stage of cellulite.

Stiffening and deformation of the conjunctive frame is directly related to changes in interstitial fluid and fat cells hypertrophy (enlargement of fat cells).
In addition, menstrual cycle, contraceptive treatment and of course bad food habits directly affect development of cellulite.


Mesotherapy is the best treatment for Cellulite, it is the treatment of choice for cellulite.
Mesotherapy is well conceived for diffused cellulite affecting legs, thighs or buttocks.
A mixture of two or three products is necessary in order to target different components of cellulite, whatever its stage, water, fat and fibers.

Adjustments of these blends are made ​​according to the type and stage of cellulite.
The mixture will be lipolytic if cellulite is predominantly fat, diuretic if it is aqueous and finally will target the stiffened and redesigned connective tissue, if cellulite is fibrous.

The choice of product in the treatment for Cellulite is the key leading to a satisfactory results.

For a long time we had to inject different kinds of products, but without any results.
We must use natural products but active ones.
We hear by active, active on the 3 components of cellulite simultaneously.

All the experience and hindsight of the Cosmetic Physician are involved here.
Indeed, they are the only guarantors of conducting an appropriate and therefore effective Mesotherapy treatment for Cellulite.
The injection technique is simple, rarely painful, using very fine needles.
The mixture in the syringe will be injected covering the entire area to be treated.
The depth of injection varies depending on the type of cellulite but rarely exceeds 13 mm.

Several sessions may be required.
Bruises may occur and persist for several days.
The results are very satisfactory.
Cellulite is reduced significantly, but it never disappears completely.

Oral Treatment for Cellulite
Besides Mesotherapy Cellulite treatment requires simultanuously an oral treatment targeting water, veins and balancing oestrogens and progesteron.

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