Hair Removal Laser

Hair removal laser London is a permanent hair removal, hair removed with laser will not grow back, except upon the occurrence of hormonal phenomena such as menopausis, where we could see some regrowth of hair from very low abundance that may require one or a few additional sessions of hair removal laser.

All skin types can be treated insofar as the hair is black.
Dark skins will be treated with Nd Yag Hair Removal Lasers whereas lighy skins will be treated with Alexandrite Gentel Laser.
Of 5-7 sessions are required, spaced six weeks to two months depending on the area of the body.
All body hair and facial hair can be plucked.
Before a session of hair removal laser should be avoided to shave for two or three days and pluck with pliers for 1 week.
Also avoid sun exposure one month before any hair removal laser session.

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