Non Surgical Facelift Geneva

8 point facelift geneva, laussane

Non-Surgical Facelift Geneva | The 8 point Lift

The 8 point lift is the simplest and most efficacious way to softly beautify and/or rejuvenate your face with no downtime.
It is a Subtle Face lift using facial fillers injections in specific spots at a precise depth for extraordinary natural results.
The 8 point face lift is painless and takes 30 min.
No skin cutting, no scar, no downtime, utilizing latest advanced long lasting and 100% safe facial fillers such as Restylane lyft and Juvederm VolumaIndeed, it is the simplest way to non surgically rejuvenate and beautify a face, correcting volume loss, restoring fullness, roundness, convex lines and curves that characterize youth appearance, Dr Kacem, renowned cosmetic doctor, explains.The 8 points Lift is a non-surgical face lift codified by Dr Mauricio De Maio, Brazil and adopted by Dr Kacem, Paris – London.

What is The 8 point Lift?

The 8 points Lift is a Face lift without surgery using Hyaluronic acid facial fillers injections such as Teosyal and Juvederm Voluma.
These injections are done using a very fine needle with deep Bolus in contact with bone, in 8 points corresponding to specific keys areas of facial ageing characterized with most volume loss.

What are the benefits of the 8 points Lift?

Injections are done in very specific points, in depth, which allows a correction to the source of facial ageing, ie, the melting of the deep fat and bone, whereas anatomical landmarks reduce unnecessary injections.
Furthermore, by placing these facial fillers very deep, fillers are stable and cohesive, correction of volume loss is soft and natural allowing better results.

Are you a good candidate for the 8 points face lift?

You are a good candidate if you present a moderate volume loss without significant sagging skin.
Micro baby Botox treatment, as well as Silhouette Soft threads, can be associated with the 8 point lift.

8 point face lift Geneva, Lausanne, cost and price

250 euro – 350 euro per injected syringe
1 to 3 syringes is necessary.


Dr Zoer Kacem, Leading Cosmetic Doctor and Skin Specialist since 2002, offers Geneva clientele private, flexible and adjustable consultations.

Non Surgical Facelift in Geneva are in the spotlight, downtime free, they involve volumes Restoration, skin and muscles contraction with Ultherapy and skin health restoration protocols

The 8 point lift can be combined with Preventive Aesthetic Medicine, anti wrinkles injections, targeted and customized advanced Baby Botox injections face and neck respecting individual variations and functional anatomy, dynamic structures of expression and static structure represented by the skull bones.


Liquid facelift Geneva
Liquid facelift Geneva
Ultherapy lift Geneva
Ultherapy lift Geneva

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