Preventive Aesthetic Medicine

Face Rejuvenation without Surgery Dr Kacem
Face Rejuvenation without Surgery / Dr Kacem London








Preventive Aesthetic Medicine is the new aesthetic medicine, Aesthetic Medicine of prevention and maintenance, that goes beyond the correction and treatment of imperfections affecting the face and silhouette.
Preventive Aesthetic Medicine should not pretend to book a class of persons whose image is very important especially for professional reasons but for anyone wanting to preserve their beauty and youth, and before the installation of the first visible signs of ageing.

With the most serious and relevant work and research in the field of ageing of the face, most of all those of the School of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery of Paris, France, headed by Dr Claude Le Louarn, a visionnary Plastic Surgeon, himself a disciple of Professor Paul Tessier, unique and undisputed father of modern Cranio Facial Surgery; we know perfectly well and better than ever, how a face ages, the predominant role of muscles of facial expression in the structurel facial ageing and how gravity acts secondarily, exacerbating the latter, contrary to previous beliefs that were based on, wrongly, all medical and surgical treatments of the face.

Preventive aesthetic medicine is now possible thanks to our better understanding of the structural facial ageing, in the light of these recent discoveries, which leads to new medical, cosmetic and preventive approach, delaying structural facial ageing by preventing the latter to take roots, hence to keep a youthful appearance longer.

  • Prevent Ageing, Maintain Age, Correct any imperfections, without resorting to surgery.
Prevention is now the key whether in Facial Rejuvenation or to fight against Ageing.
Prevention is always possible, though the earlier the better.
Indeed, we distinguish three categories of candidate.
 -1 – The patient whose image is primordial, a capital and a working tool. Here, prevention is key!
From 30 years (could be around 25),  while the structural ageing takes its brands shyly but firmly, micro injections of Botox, cleverly made to key areas of the face by a highly trained aesthetic doctor for this type of injection and this type of indication will at this stage, fundamentally prevent structural ageing to take roots.
This is the key to prevention.
The candidate of Facial Rejuvenation through prevention of structural ageing may maintain beauty and youth until 65-70 years without resorting to surgery.
Note that at this stage the results are not very visible since they first aim to prevent or delay the structural ageing to take root.
it goes without saying that only the prevention of structural ageing is discussed here.
 -2 – The patient wishing to keep and maintain beauty and/or youthfulness, everything here depends on the age and stage of actinic and structural ageing of the candidate.
If candidate started early, at her 30 or before, Prevention is 100% efficient and will prevent structural ageing perfectly, but then, note that nothing can replace a medical assessement of the face and some candidates can still benefit fuly from prevention even at 35 while other need to commence at 25, everyone is different.
Treatment will target skin, muscles and facial volumes, thus, looseness, wrinkles and fat atrophy/loss.
The skin will be treated with laser or chemical peels, ageing muscles will be expertly treated by injection of botulinum toxin as we said, and loss of volumes will be carefully replaced without excess and to the possible extent, taking into account the skin tone to avoid puffiness look indeed very unsightly and unnatural.
So we always keep to avoid over-correction, giving puffy and artificial aspects, as well as complete muscle paralysis synonymous of frozen aspect.
The ultimate goal is to bring a freshness to the face and harmony, to preserve the roundness of cheekbones and cheeks and purity of the contours.

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