Brow Lift London

Brow Lift can be obtained with Botox injections in very specific dots depending on morphology of the brow and the eye.
The muscle responsible for pulling-down the tail of the brow is obviously a depressor muscle; the orbicularis oculi muscle.
This muscle pulls on the tail of the eyebrow while causing those crow’s feet wrinkles at the corner of the eye.brow lift, london, dr kacem

I inject this muscle properly, being careful not to inject too low so as not to reach the smile muscle; the zygomaticus major muscle, otherwise, I inject this muscle in its outer portion at the end of the eyebrow in one spot which will vary according to the morphology of each person to raise the tail of the eyebrow and give a bow to its outer third resulting in a very nice Brow Lift.

See Also Botox Facelift, here.

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