Cheekbones Malar Lift London

Malar Lift is key and indispensable as is so Cheekbones are the pilars of beauty and youth.
Good aesthetic doctor always commences by Restoring volumes in the middle third of the face because it is the key to facial rejuvenation and/or facial beautification, Dr Kacem expert in facial rejuvenation, says.Malar Lift, juvederm voluma, London, dr kacem

I always inject the middle third of the face after thoroughly examining it.
Indeed, the face must be examined in static and and dynamic position in order to see and understand where and at what depth to inject.
The goal here is restoration of lost or misplaced volumes, not augmentation.
Cheekbones or Malar volume restoration leads to a Cheekbones lift or Malar Lift.

My preference in this indication and area of the face goes for Juvederm Voluma of Allergan Laboratory.
I prefer to proceed by bolus using the technique of Dr. Mauricio de Maio.
Sometimes i utilise fannig technique with a blunt cannula when the purpose is to reshape the upper vector of cheekbones.

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