Chin Implants London

Chin Implants represent one of the keys to facial rejuvenation as is so well with age it tends to rise and go under theChin implants lower lip so as to shorten, and secondly to present a kind of orange peel on the surface.

Chin is the central part of face lower third, on the central axis (ProFace), chin does not droop, however, it undergoes changes due to muscular activity of the mentalis muscle that puckers (chin orange peel) and/or shorten up and inside.
Also because wrinkles overlying marionnette lines caused by the activity of DAO, depressor anguli oris muscles, are very well corrected when chin implants are placed.

I prefer to inject the chin with a cannula rather than a needle. Often i project the chin rather than lengthen it in order to complete the correction of commissures and marionnette lines.

Chin Implants allow to augmente the length of the Chin or its projection as the case, it may take only a few minutes under local anesthesia, with hyaluronic acid injections of adequate hyaluronic acid such as juvederm voluma.

Hyaluronic acid injections through very fine needles 30G or with very fine blunt canula will increase the volume of the chin and molde the shape in the direction of projection or extension as appropriate.
Botox Injections (botulinum toxin) by its relaxing effect on the Mentalis muscle on one hand maintains the results obtained by the remodeling with hyaluronic acid and on the other hand smooths the skin covering the chin and allows repositioning of the later.

 results are immediate and last 12 months.

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