Nefertiti Lift London

Nefertiti Lift, London, dr kacemNefertiti Lift is a Non Surgical Facelift using Botox injections in specific locations to mitigate the downward pull of the facial contours and corners of the mouth by platysma and depressor angili oris muscles. Nefertiti Lift is part of the medical aesthetic treatments offered in London by Dr Kacem.
Moreover Hyaluronic acid injections in the malar region, the mandibular angle and the marionette folds can also improve results.



Nefertiti Lift refers to Nefertiti, Queen of High Egypt, revered for her static beauty with perfect symmetry and harmony, and a long slender neck, hight proheminent cheekbones and completely pure Oval contours.

It is important to note that at present, Ultherapy with its Non Surgical Facelift, called the Ultra Lift, finds all its pedigrees in this indication, either alone or coupled with Botox injections and Hyaluronic acid injection.

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