Non Surgical Facelift London

Non-Surgical Facelift with Volume Restoration in London appeals mainly to intra-dermal devices known as Fillers.
Dr. Kacem opts exclusively for intra-dermal devices based on Hyaluronic Acid Gel in any of his medical aesthetic injections.
Because the hyaluronic acid gel is Bio-Compatible ie it is the same hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally in the dermis, it is also Biodegradable therefore completely resorbable, finally, it is Pure and Sterile.

Non-Surgical Facelift essentially involves Restoration and not Augmentation of face volumes.
Facelift Without Surgery is done without any skin incision hence without any scar.

Non surgical facelift, London

In practice, in order to inject this gel of hyaluronic acid, I use a very thin needle, a 27 gauge or 30 gauge needle, depending on the area to inject, or a fine blunt cannula of 25 or 27  that requires an entry point made ​​with a needle of the same size, usually 25 or 27 gauge.
Local anesthesia is necessary only at the entry points of the cannula. These entry points are invisible a few hours after the procedure.
This gel of hyaluronic acid is mixed with an anesthetic during its manufacture therefore injections are painless.

I inject slowly to avoid hurting the patient due to an increase of tissue pressure which may be sensitive because of the presence of Pasquini Corpuscles (nerves) very sensitive to pressure, on the other hand, it also allows me to avoid hematomas.

Ageing of the face is especially marked by the loss and displacement of its volumes.
Facial rejuvenation is based on the Restoration of the lost or displaced volumes.

I emphasize the word restoration of facial volumes not increase them.
Keeping in mind what is essential: A Natural Result.

These lost volumes are constituted mainly of deep fat adherent to the periosteum (covering the bone) and superficial subcutaneous fat, but these lost volumes are also presented to a lesser degree by the involution of bone (skull).

Before proceeding to a Non-Surgical Facelift, it is essential to assess the face, in front, profile and obliquely, ie in three dimensions, without this face assessment we would not have a clear idea of areas that should be injected.

An examination of the face pointing upward and downward, looking up and down are a critical time because it helps delineate areas where it is important not to inject and appreciate the importance of sunken circles, tear troughs and under-eye bags.

Prior to proceeding to a facelift without surgery, I opt for a fanning technique with a blunt cannula or bolus with a sharp needle as appropriate.

Non-Surgical Facelift by the restoration of face volumes always gives a spectacular result!

The face seems topspin and patient unbelieving.

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