Rhinoplasty London

Non surgical nose job LondonNon surgical nose job or Medical rhinoplasty with immediate results that lasts about 12 months and no downtime is one of the latest Aesthetic Medicine revolution, Dr KACEM Leading Cosmetic Doctor sonce 2002 based in Paris, explains.

Nose can be refined over its entire length, the bridge of the nose can be easily leveled, any depression can be easily filled.

Tip of the nose can also be lifted allowing the angle between the nose and upper lip to open and soften the face of a woman (ideally 110 degrees) when it is right or below 90 degrees.

Non surgical nose job or Medical Rhinoplasty uses slight injections of minute amounts of hyaluronic acid with very fine needles, sometimes small injections of minute amounts of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) are also used to lift the tip of the nose or erase Rabbit Lines that may give a malicious look.

The result is immediate and lasts about 12 months.
There is no downtime, the person immediately resume the course of his life.

Non surgical nose job cost: here.


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