Smoker lines treatment

Smoker Lines London:

Smoker lines are these vertical lines on the upper lip, appearing regardless to age, women are more often concerned due to the fineness of their skin.
However these upper lip Smoker Lines can also be the result of a very active muscle of the mouth, the Orbicularis Oris muscle, Dr Kacem expert in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, explains.

To complete the remodeling of the lips with hyaluronic acid as I stated in Lip Injections page, we are sometimes led especially among smokers or just when these white lip Smoker Lines are very pronounced and troublesome, to inject small doses of botulinum toxin such as BOTOX ,VISTABEL® or Azzalure.

I inject the orbicularis oris muscle, the muscle of the mouth, in very precise dots, superficially, to smooth these smoker’s lines without altering the fuctionnality of this muscle.

I also inject, the DAO muscle; depressor Angili Oris, to elevate the corners of the mouth or to prevent them from droping.Smoker Lines London

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