Allergan launches a new hyaluronic acid for Lips: Volbella!

The American Laboratory Allergan world’s number one in Medical Aesthetics ma
rket with its flagship Botox, has put on the market a new hyaluronic acid: Volbella!

Volbella is one of the latest hyaluronic acid available to cosmetic doctors, specially designed to be injected into the lips, commissures and peri oral incipient wrinkles as well as marionettes lines.
 Volbella presents an innovative technological particularity; it retains little water and therefore does not generate swelling!
Including, Volbella seems to give a more natural look to the lips, superior to other hyaluronic acids recently placed on the market as Belotero Merz laboratory.
Volbella latest innovation from Allergan Laboratory is in any case welcome among the existing hyaluronic acids of the new generation, as is so that this very delicate area of the face that is the oral and peri oral region is always difficult to rejuvenate and/or embellish.

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