Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is the best option for Breast Enlargement, Dr KACEM recommends Fat Transfer since 2009, to any candidate in London, United Kingdom.
Fat-Transfer-Breast 22
Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is Non Surgical such as many Medical and Aesthetic treatments.
Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is an Outpatient procedure, taking place under Local Anesthesia solely at entry points of the fine canula, which evidentely eliminates all heavy inconvenients related to General Anesthesia.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation performed in Dusseldorf Germany presents the best Quality Price.
First, for evident reasons, it is performed without general anesthesia, without hospitalisation. Patient stays at most 2 hours in the clinic.
Then, in Germany they opted for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation very early, therefore they developped knowledge and technology to do it in the best, short and efficient way. For instance, washing out fat cells with Water Jet makes aspiration of fat more easy, rapid and ovoids physical and thermal dammages to fat cells.

Again, the key of a successful Fat transfer Breast Augmentation procedure is how you Harvest and then Graft fat cells!
Any woman willing to have up to 2 cups is a good candidate. Not more!
Slim women are still good candidate too, we need 250 to 300 ml of fat, and it is always easy to find.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is the best option in this regard.
If performed in Dusseldorf Germany it is also the best option with the best quality price.

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