Ultherapy? What is it? Ultherapy is the latest arrival in the medico-aesthetic sphere, still leads to extensive press coverage as is so that the process is revolutionary and full of promises of satisfactory results, Dr KACEM leading Cosmetic Doctor since 2002 and expert in Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation, says.Ultherapy before after London Dr Kacem Ultherapy intends to heat the dermis and the muscles of the face thoroughly and in a very focused and intense manner via ultra focused ultrasound from high Ulthera technology. Thus, a real contraction of the dermis and muscles is performed resulting in a facelift without surgery! Ultherapy meets all its indications when sagging of dermis and muscles of the face is moderate and skin excess is low. Ultherapy can willingly and wisely be combined with other non surgical facelift techniques, as appropriate, such volume restoration with hyaluronic acid injection utilising Juvederm Voluma or implementation of Silhouette Soft Threads.

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