Coolsculpting by Cryolipolysis!

Coolsculpting by Cryolipolysis? Or how to significantly reduce or eliminate inlaid and rebel bulges with Cold!
coolsculpting before after London Dr Kacem
Neither laser or injections, nor heating or scalpel! said Dr Kacem specialist since 2002 in local and global Medical Aesthetic Slimming.
Aesthetic Medicine in London shows her latest jewelry, born of opposition to the usual methods, infra red ray lasers which heat the fat, lipolytic injections, liposuction and its variants, laser lipolysis …. ect.

Against all expectations, unwanted and encrusted fat deposits are reduced with Cold!

Indeed, the Coolsculpting is a machine that delivers a very cold cooling, while protecting the skin, cold cools the fat on which it is applied for an hour, after which the procedure is simply finished, and the fat cells that were exposed for one hour at this cold, stop living, and begin to be eliminated in small doses through the blood and lymph circulation.

You’ll understand, result begins to be visible from the first weeks, however it is total to 3 months.
Dr Kacem said that the destruction of fat cells in this manner is permanent, the same applies to the result obtained for the treated area, if some basic food hygiene rules are fulfilled!

A good candidate for the Coolsculpting remains a candidate presenting localized fat of low abundance, disobedient to proper nutrition and regular physical activity.

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