Structural Ageing

Structural ageing is a median ageing affecting all levels of the face.

It is manifested by median folds distributed simetrically on each hemi-face, namely, the fold of the sunken cercles, the naso labial foldss, folds of marionnette lines and folds formed by platysmal bands.

Cosmetic surgical and medical literature has always described these folds as mainly due to gravity.

We now know through the work of Dr. Claude Le Louarn that gravity occurs only secondarily and that the original structural ageing is caused by the activity of certain muscle faiscules called Age Marker Faiscules AMF.
These Age Marker Faiscules are represented by; Pars Malaris superioris Orbicularis oculi (the upper faiscule of the malar orbicularis oculi) responsible for the fold of the sunken cercle; the levator Labi Allaque Nasi muscle, head of naso labial folds; DAO muscle depressor Angili oris forms the folds of the marionnette lines.

These Age Marker Faiscules by contracting chass the underlying fat, while ageing muscle which was convex and flexible becomes rigid and straight, including at rest, so the fat chassing that Age Marker Faiscules cause becomes permanent,  causing break at a certain degree by forming groove and pockets.

Thus the pars Malaris superioris orbicularis oculi muscle, Age Marker Faiscules of orbicularis oculi, muscle of the eye, create the fold of the sunken cercle and pockets located on either side of the sunken cercle, namely palpebral pocket or pouch under the eye and malar pocket.
Note that these two phenomena reinforce each other, the more the fold of the sunken cercle is deep the more under eye bags and malar pockets will be visible and vice versa.
It is understood that the sagging of the orbicularis muscle of the eye lid will also generate protrusion of the eyelid fat and the formation and / or emphasis of under the eye bags.

LAN or levator labi allaque nasi muscle, levator muscle of the upper lip will in turn cause the naso labial furrows.
DAO or depressor anguili oris muscle, depressor muscle of the corners of the mouth will be responsible for the genesis of the furrows of marionnette lines.

Incipient wrinkles are not the main concern when preventing structural ageing however by relaxing targeted muscles as described above we also prevent and delay incipient wrinkles.

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