Eye Lift London

Aesthetic medicine offers many solutions for those not wishing surgery allowing an Eye Lift without Surgery.Non Surgical Eye lift, london, dr kacem
Non Surgical Eye Lift appeal to Hyaluronic acid injection, Botox injections and Ultherapy.

Eyes are the window to the soul, it is what we see, what we notice first. Eyes are what age first as well.
Unfortunately, the very first signs of ageing affect the eyes.

First the sunken cercles or dark cercles emerge following the orbicularis oculi muscle activity and fat melting/displacement thereof undress the orbital revealing malar palpebral groove and medio jugal groove witch join to form the famous valley of tears.

In some cases even early under eye bags can also emerge due to orbicularis occuli muscle laxity.

Later, it is the eyelid that fall under the influence of muscle and skin sagging.
The eyebrow also tends to ptose in its terminal part and the eye tends to close. Here first prevention is key with Botox injections then combined treatment involving Ultherapy and Botox injections give very satisfactory results.

Aesthetic medicine thanks to the evolution of techniques and thanks to recent innovations of laboratories such as Allergan permits treatment increasingly fine and precise with hyaluronic acid gels increasingly sophisticated such as Juvederm Volbella in this very indication.

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